Vintage Daydreaming Since Forever

Mandatory is the more than a vintage shop. Mandatory is a world dreamt up by me, Amanda Astroth, to celebrate my favorite thing: fashion. Fashion consumes my day to day. It is not only how I present myself to the world but how I express myself creatively. Whether it's styling a photoshoot, cutting out my favorite images in magazines or reading a coffee table book, fashion never fails to inspire me.

For each Mandatory collection, I carefully curate pieces that will tell a story & evoke an emotion. These collections are always inspired by a mix of both high fashion & the coolness of 1970s California.

I want Mandatory to inspire you & to make you feel wonderful, all while incorporating sustainable fashion practices. There is so much amazing vintage clothing in the world and my goal is to bring it back to life again for you to wear & love!

Thank you for your love & support! <3